A selection of scripts by Eva Szybalski.

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Cellular Souls


An ambitious computer engineer receives mysterious messages on his mobile phone after his wife’s fatal accident, that turn out to be cries for help. His wife’s soul is caught in the database of his company. Of all people, his archenemy and esoteric sister-in-law make him realize that his own company is pursuing an atrocious inhuman plan. There are only a few hours left to avert a horror scenario and save his wife.

The City of Lions

Based on a true story

Lemberg / Lwów 1939 a Polish city: Janek, an ambitious young biologist blocks out the Second World War by focusing solely on his career in his mentor’s renowned Typhus Institute.

Even as a center of intellectual resistance against Nazi rule develops in the institutes laboratory, Janek insists that his research takes precedence over the threatening political developments in his hometown. This suddenly changes when he puts himself in a dangerous situation. Here he finally takes a stand, even it comes at a very high price.

The Exiled


Fidel Castro’s most successful spy in Miami is just about to finish his last mission with a grand boom, as his wife and son are picked up off Florida’s coast as refugees and dragged into the limelight by the media.

He is determined to avoid any contact with them – until he learns that the decision to leave them behind in Cuba 25 years ago in the name of the revolution was based on his government’s perfidious lie.


Marketing Mary


Suddenly abandoned by her husband, an American woman without papers and language skills defies the challenges and stays in the small, closed German town to prove that she is building a home for herself and her son of which she can be proud.

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